SHOT Deadline is June 30

If you want preferential rates for registering for SHOT, you need to register before June 30.

Tom Haigh writes:

Hello everyone,

SHOT registration time is rolling around -- rather earlier than usual this year. Must be the Germanic efficiency of the organizers. Registration is online for the first time this year.


Advance registration, prior to June 30, is 130 Euros. Still painful when converted to dollars but is only half the rate 4S is demanding this year.

When I tried to register everything worked fine up to the payment stage, and I received a registration ID. Then it gave a Java language error when attempting to process my credit card.

The SIG lunches are working a little differently from usual. They will not be run by the conference hotel, but will show up on the program as a preference. We'll be going to a nearby restaurant, which the local arrangements people will reserve for us. Payment will be made at the time of the lunch, not with the registration fees.

Time assignments have not been made for the lunches. There will be only two meeting times for SIGs -- both at lunch. The time assignments will be made by the organizers at some future date, but it looks like we will need to register without knowing what they are. I have asked the organizers to avoid scheduling us at the same time as the Mercurians (the communications SIG) because of the considerable overlap of members. As a second priority I asked not to be scheduled against the Prometheans and Atsushi Akera's engineering effort.

What I suggest doing is registering for whichever SIGs take your fancy. If because of a clash you can't attend our lunch after all then just email and let us know. We'll also have a less formal dinner one evening, so all is not lost if you miss the lunch.

With the SOFT-EU project meeting being held just before SHOT I'm hoping for a good turnout of historians of computing. We should be launching a number of exciting initiatives at this year's event.

Best wishes,
Tom Haigh