About SIGCIS - Officers

SIGCIS Officer Positions 2017

  • Chair: Andrew Russell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  • Vice Chair, Operations: Jason Gallo, Science and Technology Policy Institute
  • Vice Chair, Meetings: Laine Nooney, Georgia Tech
  • Vice Chair, United States: Marie Hicks, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Vice Chair, United Kingdom and Europe: James Sumner, University of Manchester
  • Vice Chair, Japan: Chigusa Kita, Kansai University
  • Communications Officer: Christopher Leslie, New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering
  • Communications Officer: Ramesh Subramanian, Quinnipiac University
  • Communications Officer: Gerardo Con Diaz, Yale University
  • Internet Infrastructure Officer: Brent Jesiek, Purdue University
  • Immediate Past Chair: Thomas Haigh, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee

These officers together make up the SIGCIS Executive Committee.

Position Responsibilities:


  • Coordinate the activities of the SIG.
  • Represent the SIG to SHOT.
  • Chair the SIG's annual lunch meeting.
  • Organize sessions for the annual SHOT meeting.
  • Manage the SIG's finances.

Vice Chair, Operations

  • Attend and help to run all SIGCIS events at the SHOT annual meeting, including the business lunch and SIG workshop.
  • Administer the SIGCIS email lists (including maintain and enforcing the acceptable use policy).
  • Edit material and policy documents on the SIGCIS website dealing with the SIG and its activities.
  • Maintain the SIG's online membership directory, reviewing and editing entries as needed and prompting members when entries are in need of update or clarification.
  • Welcome new members to the SIG and create accounts as needed.
  • Organize Executive Committee meetings.

Internet Infrastructure Officer

  • Administer the SIG's content management system (currently Drupal).
  • Support other groups using SIGCIS sub domains.
  • Oversee the SIG's web and listserv hosting arrangements.
  • Investigate the use of new technologies to support the SIG's mission.

Communications Officer

  • Monitor relevant email lists and website for news of forthcoming conferences, journal special issues, and other developments of interest to SIGCIS members. Forward relevant material to the list with short introductory summaries.
  • Post a current selection of interesting news items to the front page of the SIGCIS website.
  • Create and maintain a set of reminders of forthcoming events and deadlines on the SIGCIS website.
  • Create and maintain an online repository of history of computing syllabi in Acrobat format.
  • Create and keep current a page of fellowships sometimes given to history of computing students.

Regional Vice Chairs

  • Study the SIGCIS member list and send personal invitations to anyone in the region with a scholarly interest in the history of computing who is not already a member.
  • Serve as a bridge between the region and the global history of computing community by sending news of all history of computing events in the region to the list, including conference sessions, papers and books.
  • Represent the SIG by hosting informal dinners at regional conferences or meetings attended by historians of computing.
  • Use the SIGCIS announcement list to alert members to forthcoming events in the region and, whenever possible, to organize conference sessions based on responses from list members.

Shared Duties of All Officers

  • Represent and promote the SIG at professional meetings and conferences.
  • Seek out new SIG members.
  • Post relevant material to the SIG website and email lists on a regular basis.
  • Host informal SIG gatherings at conferences where others with an interest in the history of computing are likely to attend.