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I am currently serving as Vice Chair, Operations for the SIGCIS.

My research focuses on the history of computing and gender, particularly in Britain and its former imperial territories. My goal is to study how connections between national prestige, labor, and productivity define collective understandings of technological progress, and how that relates to social progress. I study how labor pools are expanded or constricted by feminization and deskilling, masculinization and professionalization, and the class implications of white and pink collar machine work. I am particularly interested in the global history of computing's ability to enhance and emend U.S.-centric narratives of technological progress.

My recent publications and news are available on my website:

I also occasionally contribute blog posts to the main page here at and helped organize the 2011 SIGCIS workshop--please drop me an email if you'd like to learn more about presenting at a future workshop!

Humanities Department, Illinois Institute of Technology
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Computing, Gender, Sexuality, Europe, Britain and British Empire, Government
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Assistant Professor, History of Technology


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