Donate to SIGCIS

There are two ways you can donate to SIGCIS:

1. Online. If you are a SHOT member you can use the online form at to donate directly to SIGCIS. The website has instructions for accessing your login information if you don’t have it on hand.

2. By mail. If you are not a SHOT member, the only way to donate to SIGCIS at the moment is by check/mail. To do so, please send a check made out to “Society for the History of Technology,” and be sure to indicate “SIGCIS” on the memo line of the check. You can mail the check to Richard Hirsh, SHOT Treasurer's Office, 3009 Stradford Ln., Blacksburg, VA 24060.

All donations go toward the SIGCIS general account, where the vast majority of funds goes toward supporting graduate student travel to SIGCIS meetings. You can see a list of previous awardees and learn more about the Travel Awards for SIGCIS meetings.