About SIGCIS - Officers

SIGCIS Officer Positions

These officers together make up the SIGCIS Executive Committee.

Position Responsibilities:


  • Coordinate the activities of the SIG.
  • Represent the SIG to SHOT.
  • Chair the SIG's annual lunch meeting.
  • Organize sessions for the annual SHOT meeting.
  • Manage the SIG's finances.

Vice Chair, Operations

  • Attend and help to run all SIGCIS events at the SHOT annual meeting, including the business lunch and SIG workshop.
  • Administer the SIGCIS email lists (including maintain and enforcing the acceptable use policy).
  • Edit material and policy documents on the SIGCIS website dealing with the SIG and its activities.
  • Maintain the SIG's online membership directory, reviewing and editing entries as needed and prompting members when entries are in need of update or clarification.
  • Welcome new members to the SIG and create accounts as needed.
  • Organize Executive Committee meetings.

Shared Duties of All Officers

  • Represent and promote the SIG at professional meetings and conferences.
  • Seek out new SIG members.
  • Post relevant material to the SIG website and email lists on a regular basis.
  • Host informal SIG gatherings at conferences where others with an interest in the history of computing are likely to attend.