• History Resources - Source Guide
    A comprehensive guide to resources related to the history of computing, including archives and museums, journals, professional associations, online historical documents, oral histories, key books and articles, and more.
  • Resource Guide - Britain
    A resource guide on the history of computing in the UK.
  • Resource Guide - Japan
    A resource guide on the history of computer in Japan.
  • Syllabus Repository
    A large collection of syllabi organized by theme, including: Cultures and Revolutions; Histories of Computing; Networks and Webs; Cybercultures, A.I., and Gaming; Survey Courses and STS; and more.
  • Member Directory
    A public directory featuring information about SIGCIS members, including affiliations, contact information, research interests, and more.
  • Member Contributions
    Historical materials that do not fit within traditional categories of scholarly publishing and other materials being hosted by SIGCIS.
  • Member Blogs
    A list of blogs on this site maintained by SIGCIS members.