Members Listserv

All SIGCIS members are subscribed to our email distribution list, All subscribers are able to send email directly to the distribution list. We also encourage our subscribers and guests to review the Acceptable Use Policy for the members mailing list. The Acceptable Use Policy will be redistributed via the listserv on a semi-annual basis as a reminder of community values and expectations.

To join the members mailing list: Visit our Join SIGCIS page and submit the required information.

To change your subscription options: Visit the Members Info page.

To view an archive of mailing list messages from 2016 onward: Visit the Members Archives page.

To view mailing list messages prior to 2016: Visit the Internet Archive Wayback Machine repository for the listserv.

Please note that this list is moderated by volunteers who are SIGCIS members.

Moderator Responsibilities and Guidelines:

Moderation will occur post facto, i.e., while members may post freely, moderators will review all postings for compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy.

Posts in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy will be evaluated according to level of violation: marginally inappropriate, inappropriate, and clearly offensive. Posts falling into those categories will trigger extra scrutiny by the moderators in consultation with the SIGCIS Officers. Those determined to have posted in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy will be contacted by moderators, who will alert them to the level of violation determined, and to any action taken or to be taken on their posts.

Actions to be taken by moderators upon determination of violation of the Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Marginally inappropriate – Moderators will respond to problem posters with an explanation of the violation and suggested rewording and/or an invitation to discuss rewording. If the poster is not prepared to comply with the suggested changes, all future postings by this member will automatically be held for moderator approval before being released to the list.
  • Inappropriate – In addition to the communications and actions triggered by a “marginally inappropriate” post, moderators will convey a warning that suspension is a possibility if the Acceptable Use Policy is not followed.
  • Clearly offensive – Moderators will convey a warning from the SIGCIS Officers, and a six month ban from the list will result, followed by three months during which all postings by this member will automatically be held for moderator approval before being released to the list.

At least two moderators will monitor the list at any given time. However, there should be no expectation of an instant response, since moderators are volunteers and have many other obligations.

Current Moderators (as of January 2021):

Moderators currently serve two-year terms, renewable indefinitely.

The current moderators are William W McMillan <>, Shreeharsh Kelkar <>, Troy Astarte <>, Alex Mirowski <>. Please consider volunteering to serve as a moderator.