Computing in Japan

Compiled by Chigusa Kita

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Information Processing Society of Japan's Virtual Computer Museum: (in English) (Japanese original)

This is the authoritative resource for Japanese history of computing maintained by the largest academic institution of computer science. It contains personal information of pioneers, history of hardware, and oral histories. Japanese computer scientists and computer makes are in collaboration with this. Mainly focusing on recording primary facts around computing, especially specifications of the products and personal contributions to the area.

Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology of National Science Museum's history of computing technology database: (in Japanese)

National Science Museum in Japan is the largest institution and physically located in Ueno, Tokyo. It has some vintage computers on actual exhibit. The subsidiary of it, Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology, maintains database which includes "computing technology."

Museum for Modern Science and Technology of Tokyo University of Science:

Tokyo University of Science maintains the website for online catalog of their collection on computing.

Online Resources: Virtual Exhibitions and other Primary Sources

History of NEC's Personal Computers: (in Japanese)

Toshiba's TAC history: (in Japanese)

History of CASIO's Calculator: (in Japanese)

This is an official site for CASIO calculator. CASIO also maintains its physical exhibit in the headquarter building in Shibuya, Tokyo.

SHARP LCD dentaku history: (in Japanese)

Another official corporate history site for SHARP LCD calculator. Development stories and time line are available on this site.

History of Japanese word processor, OASYS by Fujitsu:

This is primary sources of the history of OASYS maintained by developer, Yasunori Kanda.

History of Nintendo Game Music: (in Japanese)

This is an article of Nintendo online magazine on the game music history told by developers.

History of keyboards: (in Japanese)

IT company PFU, recently merged by Fujitsu, produces "Happy Hacking Keyboard". It maintains this history of keyboard website.

Dentaku Museum (Pocket calculator virtual exhibition): (in Japanese)

This is maintained by a collector of "dentaku". Though it is originally written in Japanese, it has a functional button to translate the site into English by Google translation.

Hobbyist Computers reference: (in Japanese)

This site is maintained by Micom (= Micro Computer = personal computer) fan, featuring information on catalogs.

Prof. Masahiro Sano's list of links for resources on history of computing: (in Japanese)

This is maintained by a researcher, containing useful links for online resources on history of science and technology.