Charles Babbage, 'Irascible Genius,' and the First Computer

Title: "Charles Babbage,'Irascible Genius,' and the First Computer"

Date: May 2008

Author(s): Doron Swade and Alan J. Weissberger


Description: lecture, transcription, HTML

Abstract: Doron Swade's Computer History Museum Lecture on Charles Babbage and his Engines, May 10, 2008 at the Opening of the Babbage Exhibit at the Museum.


Citation: Swade, Doron and Weissberger, Alan J. "Charles Babbage, 'Irascible Genius,' and the First Computer." Lecture, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, May 10, 2008.

Notes: All opinions, inferences and conclusions expressed in the article are that of noted Babbage authority Doron Swade, who presented the lecture. Dr. Swade later clarified various aspects of his talk as well as the construction of Babbage Difference Engine 2 at the London Museum of Science, where he was responsible for its construction and a documentary video.

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