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A database of interviews

Various organizations have archives of interviews, for example, CBI, the Computer Museum, and the IEEE History Center.  Of course, for a researcher seeking past interviews on a subject the interviewer is studying, it is easy enough to check each of the major archives, such as those just listed.  However, there are no doubt other archives containing such interviews.  I think it would be a useful resource to have posted on the web a comprehensive list of all such archives with their home-page URLs.  Better yet would be also to list all the interviews in each of the archives, sorted by interviewee name and interview date plus the URL of the archive containing the interview. 

Unpublished history documents and interviews

In my blog entry of June 20, I was concerned with capturing websites containing useful computer history so that the information survives the website maintainers' ability to maintain the websites. 

Preserving individuals' on-line efforts at capturing bits of computer history

There are many excellent individually maintained websites that give bits of computer history, for instance,

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