Unpublished history documents and interviews

In my blog entry of June 20, I was concerned with capturing websites containing useful computer history so that the information survives the website maintainers' ability to maintain the websites. 

There is another category of computer history information that should not be lost:  class projects from history or technology courses (see for instance http://web.mit.edu/6.933/www/projects_whole.html ) or from courses on interviewing.
It could be useful for computer history researchers for a list of such documents to be created and maintained on the web -- ideally along with copies of the documents, but at least with sufficient identifying information so they can later be found on the Wayback Machine.  Also, I think it would also be gratifying to the students who created such reports and interviews to have them listed in perpetuity.   
Space on the web is cheap these days.  It would be a bit of work but straight forward to create the web-based submission form for information on (and hopefully copies of) such documents.  However, it would require the teaching members of our community to be supportive of participation in this capability.